Natural Pet Care Tips for Your Dog

Natural Pet Care Tips for Your Dog

As pet parents we love our dogs and we always want to do the best that we can for them. That’s why it’s important that we don’t treat them any different than we might treat ourselves or other members of our family. Often when we are stressed out or not feeling well we might reach for some more natural remedies to help us with our own problems and have found them to work. However, have you ever thought of doing the same for your dog? Well, you can.

Here are just a few tips you can follow to give your loving dog some natural care to help them feel better.

If you think that your dog might be stressed out over something, and yes, they get stressed out just like we do, you can de-stress your dog. Your dog can get stressed out over changes in schedule, when things around them tend to be overly busy, leaving them home a lone often and more. All of this can raise their anxiety levels just like us. Herbs are a great way to help your dog. One good one is called Valerian which has a calming affect on most dogs. Just sprinkle a little freshly ground Valerian root on their dog food. You might also consider chamomile tea. Just brew a cup of it and let them drink it or soak some of their favorite treats in it. You’d be amazed at the calming effect it has on your stressed out doggie.

When you go and buy your dog their food try to read the labels carefully and avoid any dog food that has additives in the food. Often dog food is made with lower quality grains used for fillers. The food often contains byproducts along with artificial sweeteners. So make sure that the top two or three ingredients listed are high quality animal protein such as beef, fish, lamb, turkey or chicken.  Make sure to avoid any dog food that contains any kind of unidentified meat and bone meal.

Naturally treat any minor ailments your dog might have. You can use simple herbal remedies for minor ailments your dog might have without spending time and money at the vet. However, if it is a severe medical issue, you should always take your dog to his or her vet! Here’s a list of some herbal pet remedies you might want to consider:

Tender Paws – Calendula Tea as a compress. Just get some of this tea and brew one cup of it. Soak some terrycloth in the tea and then wrap this cloth around your dogs sore paw.

Body Aches – Even our dogs get older and like us they too can begin to start having body aches and pains. One simple thing you can do is just take a washcloth that has been moistened with some warm water and then apply the wet and warm compress to the part of their body you know is aching. You can also use capsaicin cream and apply the cream gently in a circular motion on their fur and down into their skin. Often this will relieve both the pain and reduce any inflammation.

Diarrhea – A variety of things can give your dog a bout of diarrhea and at the first sign of it you should withhold his food for a day and then feed your dog a meal that is bland like some rice and chicken or hamburger that’s unseasoned. If your dogs diarrhea continues more than two days after the bland diet then a vet needs to be seen.

Ear Mites – Dogs commonly get ear mites and you can get rid of them with an herb called yellow dock. You can find yellow dock tincture at shops that sell all kinds of herbs and spices. To make the medicine you will need three drops of the yellow dock tincture and one tablespoon of distilled water. Mix the herb and water together and then take an eye dropper and it half full and put the mixture into your dogs ear canal massaging gently. Repeat this every three days up to three weeks.

Dogs often suffer from urinary tract issues but there is a way you can help try and prevent this problem. You can use dandelion root to help with this problem. Either buy it in tincture form or in ground root form and put either a few drops of the tincture or one teaspoon of the ground root on their food. Do this several days a week and that should help to prevent or at least cut down on urinary tract problems.

Just like us, our dogs need antioxidants in their bodies to help them have better overall health. Dogs however, don’t receive as many antioxidants in their foods as we do. So, it is up to us, their dog parents to ensure they get these antioxidants. A really inexpensive way to enhance their food is to just add fresh or even dried herbs. Some of the best ones to use would be dill, rosemary, thyme, sage, lemon balm and peppermint.