Helping Your Dog With Car Sickness & Other Problems

Helping Your Dog With Car Sickness & Other Problems

Not all dogs get car sick but some do. So, why is it that some dogs do get sick from the motion of your car? Most often, puppies up to eight months commonly get sick in a car because of their inner ear. The structure of it is not quite fully developed yet and this can often cause them to get sick while in a car.

For some dogs the inner structure of of the ear never seems to mature and the poor dog will get car sick every time they go for a ride in the car. Other dogs sometimes will anticipate a negative experience resulting at the end of the ride and they actually worry themselves into getting sick. Whatever the reason for your dog getting sick there are ways you can help them out.

First things first. You should know what the symptoms of car sickness are:

  • Uneasy and restless behavior
  • Acting lethargic
  • Swallowing or drooling a lot
  • Yawning
  • Whining
  • Finally vomiting

Possible Ways to Help Your Dog

There are a few simple things you can try that could help your dog get over their car sickness before you have to resort to any kind of medication. Such as the following:

  • Withhold food before going in the car
  • Give them plenty of fresh air
  • Sing or play some soothing music
  • Bring their favorite blanket or toy
  • Let your dog see out the window
  • Take him on short trips for a while that all have positive destinations instead of scary places like the vet

There may be times when you can’t do any of the following or they simply might not work and then this means you need to try to help keep them from throwing up. This is when you may want to have some ginger root around. The amount you should give them is 250mg/10 pounds of weight.

There is also something called Bach Rescue Remedy that you can buy for you dog that also might help to reduce their nausea. The dose would be ¼ dropper of the remedy per 10 pounds of body weight of your dog. Never give your dog Dramamine, Gravol or dimenhydrinate without first consulting with your vet and get their opinion on the matter. They are the best ones to be able to tell whether or not your dog needs to go with drastic measures such as these kinds of medications.

Simple Ear Problems

Dogs often can get yeast infections in their ears and medication can be quite expensive especially if it’s a re-occuring event. So here is an ear cleaner that you can make for your dog to help with yeast infections.

Take some witch hazel and put a few drops of it into a one ounce bottle along with three to four drops of pure essential lavender oil. Take a cotton ball and put the mixture on the cotton ball and clean your dogs ears out with the cotton ball. Take a probiotic pill, one like you would buy for yourself and break it in half and sprinkle half of this into the ears of your dog. The witch hazel dries it out, lavender heals it and the probiotic kills the yeast.

Another ear wash is one that combines ½ rubbing alcohol and ½ apple cider or white vinegar and then put a few drops of this into the ear canal and massage the ear after each bath or every couple of weeks.

Remedy for Eye Problems

A simple cup of Chamomile tea can help with an injured eye. Just brew some Chamomile tea, use as a simple eyewash and then even let your dog drink the rest if they want to because it gives them a nice feeling of calmness after they drink the tea.