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Dogmaceuticals an all natural line of Canine CosmeceuticalsProducts for Itchy DogsProducts For Smelly DogsProducts for Puppy Dogs
From Happytails Canine Spa Line, manufacturers of the leading boutique brand, comes Dogmaceuticals, unique products with a perfect blend of functional ingredients, active naturals and exceptional branding. No harsh pharmaceuticals, no frou-frou perfume, just highly effective formulas in eco-friendly packaging. It’s what every conscientious pet owner wants for their dog: simple, safe, effective products

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Happytails has six years of experience manufacturing and marketing high-end products in the spa and boutique arena. With Dogmaceuticals they bring that knowledge to the mass market. All the same quality and effectiveness at a
value price
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Each program is “total solution for a common canine concern. Whether you have a smelly dog, an itchy dog or are getting to know a brand new dog we have a collection of all natural products specifically designed to help.
Cutting Edge all natural ingredients b
Using the latest scientific knowledge we’ve combined functional ingredients with high quality active naturals. Our products are manufactured only in FDA approved laboratories with better than human grade ingredients.

Our three programs are:

Products for Itchy Dogs
Products for your smelly dog
Products for your new puppy
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