About Me

Hey, my name is Jamie and I’m a huge dog lover. I guess you must be too if you are visiting my website. I love any kind of dog whether it’s big or small and I believe that no dog is a lost cause. It is only we, their human counterparts who fail them. I also believe that dogs deserve as much consideration as any of the rest of us. In fact the state Oregon as of 2016 considers dogs to be sentient beings. I don’t know how many other states see dogs that way but I do know my state does.

So, what’s that mean for dogs who live in Oregon? Well, it means that any crime committed against them will be treated the same as if that crime were committed against a human. It also means that no dogs are euthanized in this state unless they have proven to be a killer. With that being said, now the state of Oregon and all the animal shelters in the state are starting to be bombarded with dogs coming from other states, especially California. People are shipping them here to save their lives. How sad is that? I for one think it’s deplorable, but that is how I got my adorable little boy.

Seems a woman saw him and his brother at a shelter in California, just a couple of little mixed breed puppies that were slated to be euthanized and a woman who owned a private shelter rescued them. However, she had too many dogs in her shelter and proceeded to ship them to another shelter here in Oregon. He spent nearly two years of his life in that shelter because no one wanted to adopt him because he was so timid. Not all dogs are going to go running to a stranger with promises of love and kisses. The shelter thought he was going to end up becoming their shelter mascot until one day I saw his picture online and fell immediately in love with him. I went to the shelter, which was a couple hundred miles from my own home to meet him and even though it wasn’t tail wagging, I’ll give you kisses for live meeting, he did take food from me and went for a walk for me. This was the first time he ever did that with anyone I was told later. So, I knew it, he was going to be my best buddy.

Two weeks later they approved me and my husband and our home and they delivered him to us. They told me all kinds of things to expect and not to get discouraged. Glad to say, none of what they said ever happened. In fact the crate they said he probably would want to stay in for several weeks wasn’t even used the first night he was in my home. Instead when I woke up the next day I found him sleeping on my husband’s favorite recliner. Within two days, he was sleeping with me on my pillow and by the third day, this shy timid little dog was giving me puppy kisses and he’s not stopped.

That was almost 9 months ago and now little Neko is my best friend and won’t leave my side. From a little dog that was almost given up on as being unadoptable to a loving and playful member of the family is a huge thing. This is why I say no dog is a lost cause.

I hope you will enjoy this blog. I hope to include as much information I can about some of the best ways to help your dog live a fun, happy and healthy life.