Play Games With Your Dog

Play Games With Your Dog

Dogs just love to play. You own a dog, you already know that. Dogs are also very smart and even though we should know that, we often forget that one. Because they are so smart it’s a good idea to do more than just have them fetch or take them for a walk. Dogs get bore too. So, why not play some games with your dog. That’s right games. Your dog is smart enough and will love you for it.

Here are some favorites of my dog and I thought that I’d share them with you.

Dog Runner

You need one milk carton that’s been washed out. It needs to have a handle on it. Then any length rope you want and a few small rocks. Tie your rope onto the handle of the milk carton and then put the small rocks in the carton. The next thing you do is take the end of the rope and make a loop in it for your hand to go through. Once you’ve done this take your dog outside and find a good place you can run and then hold the rope in one hand, start running and let the milk carton with rocks drag behind you. The noise will get the attention of your dog and before you know it he’ll be chasing you all over the yard.

Find the Treats Game

Hiding dog treats from your dog and then having them find them is a wonderful game that teaches them commands like “find” and “search” plus it’s a lot more rewarding fun for them to find their own treats.

Here’s How You Play:

  • Make sure your dog is in a different room. Make sure to close the door.
  • You don’t want your dog to see what you are doing.
  • Hide different treats in 3 or 4 different spots in the house where you know your dog can easily reach it once he’s found it.

Your dog then can be let go and then tell him to find his treats. Just make sure that the treats aren’t really big because you don’t want to overfeed him. Because this is a game he’s going to want to play a lot. One because of the thrill of the hunt and two because he loves his treats.

Catch Me If You Can

This is a good game for teaching your dog to pay attention to where you are at all times. For fast dogs you can use a bike for slower dogs you can do it on foot.

What you do is wait until your dog is paying attention to something else and then get on your bike and ride off quickly and as quietly as possible. Then see if your dog realizes you’re gone and comes running after you. If they do come and catch up to you make sure to praise them and give them a reward for catching you. With the slower dog just do it by either running away or walking away quickly.

Hide and Seek

My little dog just loves this little game. He just gets a kick out of it if you just hide under a blanket. But you can do it any way you like. You first need to make sure your dog is in another room and while they are you need to find a place to hide. It could be behind a curtain, behind the couch, under a blanket or under a pile of pillows, whatever. Once you are hidden call for your dog and have him find you. Your dogs will love this game.

Scented String Looper That Bounces

Fun little homemade toy you can play tug of war with or your dog will just love playing with it by himself because it has your scent on it.

Just take an old sock and fill it up with tissues and a couple of tennis balls. Then attache an old shirt of yours to the sock and you have not only a sock ball but a tug of war toy that comes complete with your scent that your dog will just go crazy over. This is a fun game to play with your dog and it’s a fun and easy toy to make. Only takes a few minutes to give your dog hours of enjoyment either playing with you or taking it and playing with it by himself.

Just remember, games and toys are a wonderful way for you to get to know your dog better and besides it’s fun. Admit it.


Save Money and Make Your Own Dog Toys

Save Money and Make Your Own Dog Toys

Not all pet parents can afford to go out and buy their best friend those top of the line dog toys. But does your dog really care? Not really, it’s really us that seems to care about the kinds of toys our dogs get. Besides, how often have you bought a toy that only ended up shredded to pieces? Probably a lot. So, to save money and still make your furry companion happy, why not just make your own toys to keep them satisfied and happy?

Toys Made From Old Socks

This is one of your most basic things to make toys out of that your dog is definitely going to love having added to his toy box. Old socks you would normally throw away are ideal to make toys out of. If you are afraid this will make your dog go after all socks, then simply make sure that your good socks are put away and not left for your dog to chew on. It’s a lot better than always going out and buying new expensive chew toys.

When using old socks you can be as creative as you want or as little as you want. I don’t think your dog will be judging you on your artistic abilities. One really simple toy is to take an old tube sock and then stuff it with several other old socks and then tie the open end of the sock into a big knot at the end. This keeps the other socks inside and it gives you a knot to hang onto when playing tug of war with your dog. By the way, make this toy before you wash it, maybe you won’t like the smell but your dog will because it contains your scent.

Another thing you can do is double layer a sock toy by putting one sock inside of the other and then take some sawdust and fill up the sock with the sawdust. If you can’t find sawdust then use some animal bedding or something similar. This makes for a great toy for a dog that is less aggressive when it comes to chewing.

Tug of war rope is always a favorite of dogs but instead of going out and buying an expensive ready made one just make your own. You can do this with old socks or even old T-shirts. Take two socks and knot them together with some other socks until you get the size you want. Make sure the knots are super tight so they won’t come apart when the two of you are playing tug of war.

Water Bottle Toys

A really quick and easy toy is to combine and old sock with an empty plastic water bottle. Just put the water bottle inside the old sock and tie a knot at the end of the sock and you have a nice crunchy sounding toy your dog will love. Once the water bottle is worn out you just untie the sock and add a new bottle to it.

Another great little toy you can make with a water bottle is a treat toy. Take an empty water bottle and poke holes all over the bottle, big enough for small dog treats to get out. Open up the bottle and fill it with small treats or take bigger treats and crush them so they will fit in the bottle. This homemade treat toy works pretty much like the well known and expensive Kong toys. If your dog breaks open the bottle, just take the bottle and throw it away and make a new one to use at a later date.

For those hot days take a water bottle and fill it up half way with water, lay it sideways in your freezer until frozen. Once frozen your dog has a good chew toy that is also cool and refreshing for those hot summer days.
Those are just a few simple and fun ideas to save you money and still make your loving dog a happy dog.