As this canine-centered blog’s title simply suggests, there is going to be a lot more focus on dog health than anything else. In one of the forthcoming posts, a sense of urgency is being created. That is a response to the precarious plight of dogs, especially the wild dog species, in some parts of the world. In your neighborhood, you may not yet see that the writing is on the wall where domestic pets are concerned, but have you ever wondered why, in your urban and ordered environment, so many rules have been imposed in regard to the manner in which dogs should be handled and controlled by its owners or care-givers.

We’d like to expand on this probing sentiment, if we may. Stray dogs roaming the streets during both day and night have often been regarded as pests, much like the rat infestations in some areas. But ask yourself this question; are these poor dogs really that much of a pest. Yes, some of them can be quite dangerous and could bite, if threatened or feeling threatened, also threatening its victims with diseases such as rabies.

But really, folks is this really the fault of the dog. Is it any wonder that it is rummaging through your trash cans? From where we are sitting, it looks pretty hungry; we can even see its ribs showing. Isn’t it fair to say that this poor stray dog is in the predicament it’s in purely because its uncaring owner just couldn’t have given a damn? So, call us soft-hearted then, why must poor dogs get it in the neck. Why must they be persecuted so cruelly and be ‘put to sleep’.

Being ‘put to sleep’ is just one more of those desensitizing phrases for killing or murdering an animal. Let’s assume that your really do care this much about abandoned dogs. Before you become all trigger happy in an effort to help out these poor creatures, take this next piece of important advice. Do not, we repeat, do not alert the authorities. There’s a good reason why we’re saying this, surely you’ve been given a strong enough clue already.

Allegedly overburdened with too many stray dogs and cats on their hands, the authorities will ultimately kill these animals and process them through the incinerator. Rather than alert the authorities, do your utmost best to find a welfare organization for dogs that has a good reputation for placing these poor animals in caring foster environments. These reputable groups do everything in their power to preserve the lives of these animals.

They are quite adamant about not killing the animals. Perhaps you are one of those looking for a new canine pet at this time. Rather than spend a fortune on acquiring a pedigreed dog, why not adopt an abandoned pet instead. The only expense on your part will be a small donation, or as much as you can willingly afford to give. And, yes, that’s just it, do it willingly. You will also find that the welfare group’s care givers will scrutinize you quite thoroughly because they really want to make sure that your selected dog is going to a home where it will well and truly be cared for.

It won’t be plain sailing in the beginning, but at least you’ll know that that dog loves you.