Hi guys! Are you in love with your dogs just as much as I am with mine? Well, if you are then you need to come on over to our side and tell us just how you are taking pretty good care of your young pups. Why don’t you come on over and tell us a little bit about your homemade dog food ideas, because to be quite honest with you, it seems as though some of us, or many of us, actually, just don’t seem to have much of a clue.

Let me explain why I say this is the case. The thing is this; too many folks are just so tempted to take the easy way out in life. When old Fido has this hungry look in his eyes and his drawling lips start to drip then you know he’s got the hunger pangs. So what do you all do? You nip off to the grocer store and go and buy him his favorite biscuits or canned goodies. And after you’ve fed him the goods, have you noticed just how quickly he gobbles it all down.

Most folks seem to have this perception, I was one of them that dogs are just dogs, they have no clue about eating etiquette, they just want to finish their grub as quickly as possible, never getting to really taste the goods, and head off for their evening nap or play with their meaty pals. Have you ever wondered that maybe, just maybe, the poor old boy was just so hungry but couldn’t stand the taste of the food and just thought he’d gobble the lot down as quickly as possible to make his meal at least bearable.

I can guarantee you that if dogs could; they’d be nipping off to their local butcher and buying some of their favorite meat cuts for dogs, except of course the fact that the protein enriched fresh meat that has been their favorites has been confined to their dreams. Perhaps that’s why the lads tend to sleep all day, they’re dreaming about going to the steak ranch or some such. By preparing homemade food for your dogs; you’re actually doing both yourself and Fido a huge favor.

Not only are you providing dogs with far healthier meal options, you’ll also be spending a lot less on dog food. That’s another perception to get out of the way. Folks still seem to think that dogs are quite greedy. They’re not. Food portions, go natural please, and ditch the biscuits and tins too please, don’t and shouldn’t be large. Dogs are also fed in proportion to their actual size. And, of course, natural, homemade food is a lot healthier for dogs because it is free of all the processed byproducts that any vet worth his salt will tell you will, over time, ruin the linings of the dog’s stomach.

To close off, here’s a few meaty ideas to start you off with. It does not have to be gourmet meals, for goodness’s sake. Cook good, wholesome meals just like you would for the rest of your family. Don’t need to believe that dogs, like cats, are inherently fussy creatures, but do treat them with the variety that they deserve. Feed them beef, chicken and even a little fish. The fresh produce is highly enriched in protein and essential omega 3 fatty acids.

Get your paws on a little turkey too. And don’t for a moment think that doggie doesn’t like his veggies. Because he does.